Girls Swimming State Champions

Team Overall

Year Conference School Time / Score Notes
1969-1970All Schools*San Antonio MacArthur44
1970-1971All Schools*Midland Lee33
1971-1972All Schools*Houston Bellaire48
1972-1973All Schools*San Antonio Alamo Heights47
1973-1974All Schools*Houston Bellaire40
1974-1975All Schools*Austin Anderson32
1975-1976All Schools*League City Clear Lake47
1976-1977All Schools*Houston Bellaire34
1977-1978All Schools*Richardson46
1978-1979All Schools*League City Clear Creek37
1979-1980All Schools*Westlake Austin33
1980-1981All Schools*League City Clear Lake55 1/2
1981-1982All Schools*League City Clear Lake153
1982-1983All Schools*Austin Anderson125
1983-1984All Schools*San Antonio Churchill134.5
1984-1985All Schools*San Antonio Clark104
1985-1986All Schools*San Antonio Clark115
1986-1987All Schools*Houston Cypress Creek92
1987-1988All Schools*Plano118
1988-1989All Schools*Conroe McCullough118
1989-1990All Schools*Conroe McCullough175
1990-1991All Schools*Conroe McCullough186
1991-1992All Schools*Conroe McCullough163
1992-1993All Schools*Conroe McCullough148
1993-1994All Schools*Humble Kingwood114
1994-1995All Schools*Richardson Berkner129
1995-1996All Schools*Austin Westlake110
1996-1997All Schools*Austin Westlake143
1997-1998All Schools*Plano195
1998-1999All Schools*San Antonio Churchill196
1999-20004AAustin Johnson193
1999-20005ASan Antonio Reagan125
2000-20014ADallas Highland Park228
2000-20015ASan Antonio Reagan167
2001-20024ADallas Highland Park263
2001-20025ASan Antonio Reagan241
2002-20034ADallas Highland Park289
2002-20035AAustin Bowie185
2003-20044ADallas Highland Park342.5
2003-20045AHumble Kingwood260
2004-20054ADallas Highland Park227
2004-20055ASan Antonio Churchill204
2005-20064ADallas Highland Park251
2005-20065AConroe The Woodlands262
2006-20074ADallas Highland Park246
2006-20075AAustin Westlake225
2007-20084ADallas Highland Park236
2007-20085AAustin Westlake253
2008-20094ADallas Highland Park270
2008-20095AConroe The Woodlands238
2009-20105AHumble Kingwood167
2009-20104ADallas Highland Park232

* The "All Schools" Conference signifies that there were no conference distinctions used at the state tournament for that year.

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